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Cinema in Kingston

With funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund we are teaming up with Kingston Heritage Service on a new project to explore the rich history of the Royal Borough's cinemas.

Working with volunteers who have been trained in oral history, interviewing techniques and sound recording, 14 interviews with projectionists, usherettes, house managers, cinema-goers and local historians have been filmed.

These will be used to create a short film to make the project easily accessible to all, while the full interviews and photographic and other material collected will be deposited with the Kingston Heritage Service. The film and interviews will also be housed on this site for everyone to access.






The Interviews





Anne Edwards

Anne Edwards - Usherette

Bob Ward

Bob Ward - Cinema-goer [Summary]

John McCarthy

John McCarthy - Local Historian

Victor Gallucci

Victor Gallucci - Projectionist

John Allison

John Allison - Musician/Performer

Mary Greenslade

Mary Greenslade - Cinema-goer

Nigel Wolland

Nigel Wolland - Projectionist

Barrie Gilbert

Barrie Gilbert - Projectionist

Gerald Glover

Gerald Glover - House Manager

Stephen Barber

Stephen Barber - Muybridge Historian

Simon Brown

Simon Brown - Cinema-goer

Yvonne Robinson

Yvonne Robinson - Cinema-goer

Daphne Steele

Daphne Steele - Usherette

Seoyoung Kim

Seoyoung Kim - Muybridge Historian